Book Reviews

Making and Marketing: Studies of the Painting Process in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Netherlandish Workshops

By Molly Faries (ed.), with contributions by Maryan Ainsworth, Molly Faries, Maria Galassi, Liesbeth M. Helmus, Linda Jansen, Micha Leeflang, Maximiliaan P.J. Martens, Daantnje Meuwissen, Natasja Peeters, Ron Spronk, Anne H. van Buren, Catharina van Daalen, Roger van Schoute, Hélène Verougstraete, and Margreet Wolters

Turnhout: Brepols Publishers, 2006. 279 pp, 162 illus., 40 color plates. ISBN 2-503-51605-X

Review published November 2008